Saving You 15 Minutes: Windows Services and Oracle 12c Agents

Historically, for me anyway, carrying out a clean uninstall of an Oracle Agent on a Windows box has always been a bit of a pain. Even if you follow all the steps about de-installation, removing registry entries etc etc, you normally end up with a Oracle Agent 12c service in services.msc with a blank status and the only way seemingly to remove it is to reboot the server.

However when I was reading the 12c documentation it mentioned a windows utility called sc which you can use to do this task for you. Therefore from a command prompt:

sc delete <service name>

So, it may not change your world but it might save you a reboot!

Saving You 15 Minutes: HP-UX Funnies…

Before I start on this weeks 15 minutes I just want to outline my view point on scripting be it, shell, perl or any other language.  Personally I’m not really into it and if I count the amount of times that I arrive on a client site to then decipher a 4 page shell script which backs up a database (using RMAN!) I would probably break down in tears.  I am not sure how people justify the time for such shell scripting indulgencies, however the real pain is once that person has left the organisation the maintenance of those scripts falls down to everyone else; and no one really knows how it hangs together or how to trouble shoot it.  Of course I could read the handy trouble shooting guide that came with it or the associated documentation or just put it into ‘debug’ mode…..I think you get the point.  If you want to save someone 15 minutes in the future then find an alternative to the ‘we could just right a quick script’ option.

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